I think it’s time for tassels to make a comeback!They are a fun flourish for a DIY costume, or headdress. tassels__97690.1389170406.1280.1280


Happy New Year! Don’t forget to Sparkle!

Hope you are all having a happy new year! I know I’ve been really into DIY (do it yourself projects) lately. Yolanda has been adding more and more products to the website to cater to those of you who like to get creative and design one of a kind costumes! What have you done lately with paillettes? Here are some of my favorites check out the rest.


FrenchAqua_IMG_5378__41090.1388974919.1280.1280 GoldAuroraBorealis_IMG_5404__61845.1388974918.1280.1280 IridescentOrangeAndHotPink_IMG_5398__31776.1388974928.1280.1280Plum_IMG_5424__55315.1388974933.1280.1280